‎Non-necessary products:‎

‎part one:‎

  • ‎100 grams of white flour‎
  • ‎50 grams of active leaven‎
  • ‎100 millilitres of spring water‎

‎second part:‎

  • ‎3 eggs‎
  • ‎100 grams yogurt‎
  • ‎20 grams of cow’s butter‎ MANDRA
  • ‎300 grams of white flour‎

‎for the stuffing:‎

  • ‎cow’s cheese‎ MANDRA

‎for the top:‎

  • ‎1 egg‎
  • ‎raw sesame seeds‎

‎Method of preparation:‎

‎Sift the white flour into a bowl.‎
‎Make a well in the middle and put the water and leaven in it.‎
‎Stir with a spoon and cover with stretch foil.‎
‎Let it go.‎ ‎He needs to increase his volume twice.‎

‎Then transfer the mixture to a planetary mixer and add the remaining ingredients of part two.‎
‎Add the flour in parts and add more if needed.‎
‎The lest should be prolonged.‎ ‎Keep that in mind if you’re going to knead by hand.‎
‎My mixer kneads for about 15 minutes.‎ ‎It turned out soft and sedeed dough.‎
‎Transfer it to the kitchen counter and leave to “rest” for half an hour.‎
‎Then stretch and leave again for half an hour.‎ ‎Repeat this procedure three times.‎
‎Transfer the dough to a glass bowl and leave to simmer until it increases its volume three times.‎

‎Divide the dough into two balls.‎
‎Each ball roll out into a rectangle.‎
‎Sprinkle with crushed cow’s cheese and roll over a roll.‎
‎Cut the roll into pieces, under a slope.‎
‎Arrange the pieces in a 20 cm diameter pan.‎
‎Two tortillas come out of these products.‎

‎Place the tortillas in plastic bags and leave to simmer until they increase in volume 2 – 3 times.‎

‎Beat the egg and smear the tortillas using a brush.‎
‎Sprinkle with raw sesame seeds.‎
‎Bake at medium level in a preheated 170-degree oven, with a fan for about 45 minutes.‎
‎After baking, remove the tortillas from the oven and cover them with towels to cool down.‎
‎Have a nice appetite!‎

‎Original Recipe from‎: Gabriela Tsulin

‎Suitable products for this recipe‎