‎Non-necessary products:‎

  • ‎2 pieces chicken chilled fillet‎
  • 250 grams of yellow cheese roll with ham MANDRA
  • ‎500 grams of fresh spinach‎
  • ‎2 carrots‎
  • ‎8 pieces of dried tomatoes‎
  • ‎4 pieces of medium-sized pickles‎
  • ‎2 garlic cloves‎
  • ‎Olive oil‎
  • ‎Pinch of nutmeg‎
  • ‎Thyme‎
  • ‎Black pepper‎
  • ‎Smoked paprika‎
  • ‎Dry chili‎
  • ‎Salt‎


‎Method of preparation:‎

‎We divide the chicken fillet and make it into four fillets, filleting each to make it like a sheet, which we will fill and roll.‎ ‎We try to make sure the thickness is the same.‎ ‎Season with salt, thyme, pepper, smoked paprika and sprinkle with olive oil.‎ ‎Leave to marinate until we have the stuffing ready.‎

‎Soot the carrots cut in half, with a little butter and salt in a frying pan until golden.‎
‎We cut into long thick strips pickles, yellow cheese roll, dried tomatoes.‎
‎The next step is to roll the chicken fillet carefully, putting carrot, pickle, yellow cheese roll and dried tomatoes at one end.‎ ‎We roll like a pancake and in a heated pan we put oil and seal until golden rolls on all sides.‎

‎In a tray we put baking paper smeared with butter and arrange the four rolls and sprinkle with grated yellow cheese on top.‎
‎Bake in a heated oven at 200 degrees about 10-15 minutes, until the yellow cheese has a golden color.‎
‎In a frying pan with butter, melt the garlic with a little salt and add the spinach, stirring gently.‎ ‎Cook for about two minutes until the spinach softens and finally season with a pinch of nutmeg and a little chilli to taste.‎

‎In a flat plate we make a sofa from the spinach and on top we arrange cut into circles the chicken roll.‎ ‎We pour each other a glass of white wine and expect our loved ones to smile at this delicious creation! ☺‎

‎Suitable products for this recipe‎