‎”MANDRA – Bulgarian Dairy Products are high-quality Bulgarian products from 100% natural farm milk, which are produced according to traditional recipes that have preserved the spirit of old Bulgaria.‎
‎For us, the most important is the land and the animals!‎ ‎This is the only way we can guarantee the quality of MANDRA – Bulgarian Dairy Products.‎ ‎That is why we grow the cereals ourselves, which we then use to feed the herds on the farms.‎ ‎We track the entire cycle from the ground, through the food, the quality of each liter of milk, to the production of the finished product.‎
‎At MANDRA we also have some of the latest technologies for the production and packaging of dairy products in Bulgaria, as well as a high-tech wastewater treatment plant, in order for our work to be completely environmentally friendly.‎

‎In the MANDRA family you will find:‎
‎White brine cheese MANDRA, matured over 60 days in a special medium, with a pronounced milky taste and perfectly balanced acidity and fat content, not too salty.‎
‎MANDRA yellow cheese with a characteristic traditional taste, ideal fat content, tight and dense consistency.‎
‎Mandra cow oil with 82% fat content, great milk taste and density.‎
‎MANDRA cream cheese with a gentle creamy structure and balanced taste, allowing its use for both savoury dishes and desserts.”‎